Fetch Data


prefetch [options] --list <kart_file>


-h | --help Displays ALL options, general usage, and version information.
-V | --version Display the version of the program.
Data transfer:
-f | --force Force object download. One of: no, yes, all. no [default]: Skip download if the object if found and complete; yes: Download it even if it is found and is complete; all: Ignore lock files (stale locks or if it is currently being downloaded: use at your own risk!).
--transport Value one of: ascp (only), http (only), both (first try ascp, fallback to http). Default: both.
-l | --list List the contents of a kart file.
-s | --list-sizes List the content of kart file with target file sizes.
-N | --min-size Minimum file size to download in KB (inclusive).
-X | --max-size Maximum file size to download in KB (exclusive). Default: 20G.
-o | --order Kart prefetch order. One of: kart (in kart order), size (by file size: smallest first). default: size.
-a | --ascp-path Path to ascp program and private key file (asperaweb_id_dsa.openssh).
-p | --progress Time period in minutes to display download progress (0: no progress). Default: 1.
--option-file Read more options and parameters from the file.

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