dbTrash -age=N [-drop] [-historyToo] [-db=<DB>] [-verbose=N]


This tool is part of UCSC Genome Browser's utilities.

-age=N - number of hours old to qualify for drop. N can be a float.
-drop - actually drop the tables, default is merely to display tables.
-db= - Specify a database to work with, default is customTrash.
-historyToo - also consider the table called 'history' for deletion.
- default is to leave 'history' alone no matter how old.
- this applies to the table 'metaInfo' also.
-extFile - check extFile for lines that reference files
- no longer in trash
-extDel - delete lines in extFile that fail file check
- otherwise just verbose(2) lines that would be deleted
-topDir - directory name to prepend to file names in extFile
- default is /usr/local/apache/trash
- file names in extFile are typically: "../trash/ct/..."
-tableStatus - use 'show table status' to get size data, very inefficient
-delLostTable - delete tables that exist but are missing from metaInfo
- this operation can be even slower than -tableStatus
- if there are many tables to check.
-verbose=N - 2 == show arguments, dates, and dropped tables,
- 3 == show date information for all tables.

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