genePredHisto [options] what genePredFile histoOut


This tool is part of UCSC Genome Browser's utilities.

-ids - a second column with the gene name, useful for finding outliers.

The what arguments indicates the type of output. The output file is
a list of numbers suitable for input to textHistogram or similar
The following values are current implemented
exonLen- length of exons
5utrExonLen- length of 5'UTR regions of exons
cdsExonLen- length of CDS regions of exons
3utrExonLen- length of 3'UTR regions of exons
exonCnt- count of exons
5utrExonCnt- count of exons containing 5'UTR
cdsExonCnt- count of exons count CDS
3utrExonCnt- count of exons containing 3'UTR

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