ldHgGene database table file(s).gff


This tool is part of UCSC Genome Browser's utilities.

-binAdd bin column (now the default)
-nobin don't add binning (you probably don't want this)
-exon=typeSets type field for exons to specific value
-oldTable Don't overwrite what's already in table
-noncodingForces whole prediction to be UTR
-gtfinput is GTF, stop codon is not in CDS
-predTab input is already in genePredTab format
-requireCDS discard genes that don't have CDS annotation
-out=gpfile write output, in genePred format, instead of loading
table. Database is ignored.
-genePredExt create a extended genePred, including frame
information and gene name
-impliedStopAfterCds - implied stop codon in GFF/GTF after CDS

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