pslPartition [options] pslFile outDircreated under outDir to prevent slow access to huge directories.


This tool is part of UCSC Genome Browser's utilities.

Split psl files into non-overlapping sets for use in cluster jobs,
The pslFile maybe compressed and no ordering is assumed.

-outLevels=0 - number of output subdirectory levels. 0 puts all files
directly in outDir, 2, will create files in the form outDir/0/0/00.psl
-partSize=20000 - will combine non-overlapping partitions, while attempting
to keep them under this number of PSLs. This reduces the number of
files that are created while ensuring that there are no overlaps
between any two PSL files. A value of 0 creates a PSL file per set of
overlapping PSLs.
-dropContained - drop PSLs that are completely contained in a block of
another PSL.

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