sqlToXml database dumpSpec.od output.xml


This tool is part of UCSC Genome Browser's utilities.

-topTag=name - Give the top level XML tag the given name. By
default it will be the same as the database name.
-query=file.sql - Instead of dumping whole database, just dump those
records matching SQL select statement in file.sql.
This statement should be of the form:
select * from table where ...
select table.* from table,otherTables where ...
Where the table is the same as the table in the first
line of dumpSpec.
-tab=N - number of spaces betweeen tabs in xml.dumpSpec - by default it's 8.
(It may be best just to avoid tabs in that file though.)
-maxList=N - This will limit any lists in the output to no more than
size N. This is mostly just for testing.

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