textHistogram [options] inFile


This tool is part of UCSC Genome Browser's utilities.

Where inFile contains one number per line.
-binSize=N - Size of bins, default 1
-maxBinCount=N - Maximum # of bins, default 25
-minVal=N - Minimum value to put in histogram, default 0
-log - Do log transformation before plotting
-noStar - Don't draw asterisks
-col=N - Which column to use. Default 1
-aveCol=N - A second column to average over. The averages
will be output in place of counts of primary column.
-real - Data input are real values (default is integer)
-autoScale=N - autoscale to N # of bins
-probValues - show prob-Values (density and cum.distr.) (sets -noStar too)
-freq - show frequences instead of counts
-skip=N - skip N lines before starting, default 0

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