Variant Analysis

Usage -i unselected_positions.txt -o selected_positions.txt



-i      Table file from REDItools

-d      Base distribution column for DNA-Seq (-1: no DNA-Seq) [-1]

-c      Coverage RNA-Seq [5]

-C      Coverage DNA-Seq [5]

-v      Bases supporting RNA-Seq variation [1]

-V      Bases supporting DNA-Seq variation [0]

-s      Substitutions to select in RNA-Seq (separated by comma AG,CT) [all]

-f      Frequency of variation in RNA-Seq [0.1]

-F      Frequency of non-variation in DNA-Seq [0.95]

-e      Exclude multiple substitutions in RNA-Seq

-r      Exclude invariant sites in RNA-Seq

-R      Exclude variant sites in DNA-Seq #

-u      Use only positions supported by DNA-Seq

-o      Save selected positions on outTable_533864766

-h      Print this help

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