gtfToGenePred gtf genePred


This tool is part of UCSC Genome Browser's utilities.

-genePredExt - create a extended genePred, including frame
information and gene name
-allErrors - skip groups with errors rather than aborting.
Useful for getting infomation about as many errors as possible.
-ignoreGroupsWithoutExons - skip groups contain no exons rather than
generate an error.
-infoOut=file - write a file with information on each transcript
-sourcePrefix=pre - only process entries where the source name has the
specified prefix. May be repeated.
-impliedStopAfterCds - implied stop codon in after CDS
-simple - just check column validity, not hierarchy, resulting genePred may be damaged
-geneNameAsName2 - if specified, use gene_name for the name2 field
instead of gene_id.

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