wigToBigWig in.wig chrom.sizes


This tool is part of UCSC Genome Browser's utilities.

wigToBigWig in.wig chrom.sizes

Where in.wig is in one of the ascii wiggle formats, but not including track lines and chrom.sizes is two column file/URL: 
and is the output indexed big wig file.
Use the script: fetchChromSizes to obtain the actual chrom.sizes information from UCSC, please do not make up a chrom sizes from your own information.


  • -blockSize=N: Number of items to bundle in r-tree. Default 256
  • -itemsPerSlot=N: Number of data points bundled at lowest level. Default 1024
  • -clip: If set just issue warning messages rather than dying if wig file contains items off end of chromosome or chromosomes that are not in the chrom.sizes file..
  • -unc: If set, do not use compression.
  • -fixedSummaries: If set, use a predefined sequence of summary levels.
  • -keepAllChromosomes: If set, store all chromosomes in b-tree.

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